Shingle Companies

Shingle Companies

Shingle Companies

Based in Braintree, Stigs Grab Hire Service LTD are one of the leading shingle companies in the UK, supplying & delivering 10, 20 & 40 mm shingle throughout Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Shingle is a mixture of stones that are often sourced from the coast. This small but useful material has many decorative and structural purposes and can be used in your garden or on building sites for the following:

Pipe Bedding – Shingle is frequently used for pipe bedding where the pipes are made of plastic or clay, the pipes are usually covered with 10mm shingle, but you can also use a larger shingle size.

Hard Landscaping – Shingle has many different uses in your garden, such as the construction of pathways and water features. As shingle is usually sourced from coastlines, streams and rivers, this makes it an ideal choice for creating garden water features.

Footpaths – Shingle is commonly used for both public and private footpaths because it is cheap to buy and can easily be replenished. Using a range of different shingle is a suitable method for creating all kinds of pathways in your garden. Shingle like this is also commonly used by artistic show gardeners.

Drainage – Shingle is a popular solution for improving drainage as it can prevent your plants from drowning and it looks good in your garden, you just have to mix it with topsoil.

Border planting – You can also use shingle in your plant borders to stop slugs from getting to your plants and also stop weeds from forming near them.

As a native Shingles Company nestled in the heartland of Essex, we here at Stigs Grab Hire offer our neighbouring Essexians nothing but the best in shingle quality and competitive pricing. Our shingle specialists use expertise knowledge and a keen eye to help identify all the ways and techniques for you to get the most out of your shingle, as well as being sure to provide top-notch quality control in the appearance, size, and shape of the shingle provided, ensuring a high-quality aesthetic appeal.  We have had a large established client base in Essex for a long time, and we are always on the lookout to help more contractors, landscapers, garden-aficionados, garden designers, and vegetable growing enthusiasts to add to our glowing roster of customers.

From gathering the shingle at first rate quality-controlled areas, such as beautiful coastal regions, etc, we are able to offer the latest and best value shingle that is guaranteed to please. We can provide them on bulk orders, and they come sealed in durable anti-break proof bags to prevent any spillage on route. Here at Stigs Grab Service Ltd, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the landscaping vision you desire, and we are proud to be able to offer you a fabulous product, a great customer service, and a high level of quality shingle.

For any enquires about any matter regarding your Shingle needs, please do not hesitate to call us at Stigs Grab. We are always happy to help and advice.

Looking for professional shingle companies? Contact us now for a no obligation quote, we are a friendly bunch and will do our best to assist you however we can.