Shingle Essex

Shingle Essex

Shingle Essex

Stigs Grab Hire Service LTD supply & deliver 10, 20 & 40 mm shingle throughout Essex, parts of London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Shingle is a combination of small stones that can usually be sourced in coastal areas. This simple but effective material has many different building, drainage and decoration purposes and can be used on building sites or in your garden for the following:

Pipe Bedding – Shingle is commonly used for pipe bedding in which the pipes are made of plastic or clay. The plastic pipes are usually covered with 10mm shingle, but you can also use one of our larger shingle sizes.

Hard Landscaping – Shingle is ideal for many different purposes in your garden, including the creation of water features and pathways. As shingle is naturally found in rivers, streams and at coastlines, this makes it a perfect option for making a water feature in your garden.

Footpaths – Shingle is used commonly for creating footpaths in both public and private area as its cheap to buy and is easy to top up at any time if the volume is reduced due to wear and tear. Using a variation of different shingle is an ideal solution for creating pathways of all shapes and sizes throughout your garden. Shingle like this is also commonly used by artistic show gardeners.

Drainage – Shingle is also a popular solution for improving drainage as it can prevent your plants from drowning and it looks good in your garden, all you have to do is mix it into topsoil.

Border planting – You can also use shingle in your borders to discourage pests from killing your plants and also stop weeds from growing amongst them.

As one of the most sought after and trusted companies in the Shingle Essex trade, we pride ourselves on our exceptional product and our brilliant customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring that our product is of a high quality and sourced from top of the range gravel producing areas.

The benefits of using shingle for your landscaping needs is varied a multi-faceted, ranging from something as simple as allowing breathability and drainage for your potted plants and earthy patches, to being an efficient and cost-effective way of protecting your vulnerable garden areas, such as high traffic footpaths and areas prone to pest nests.  As professional providers in the area, we provide knowledgeable expertise and advice in how best to use and place your shingle, as well as making sure you are using a fabulous product with gorgeous aesthetic.


Shingle happens to be one of the most natural and earth-friendly ways of treating your landscape. Taking a step back from harsh plastic meshes and cement footpaths that irreparably damage the natural turf underneath, shingle is a 100% natural way of manipulating natural areas in a way promotes the health of your garden or field area, and also promotes decorative merits to the eye and its subsequent mental health benefits. Wood, earth, and stone are instrumental objects to a person’s wellbeing, just the sight and feel of them is enough to inspire wellbeing and peace. Like the Chinese architects of old, we appreciate the multi-faceted ways that shingle can help create oases of zen in a busy world, and how it can encourage mindfulness and wellbeing in not just ourselves, but also for the planet itself.



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